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ITBS is an aspiring and renowned custom software development company in Canada. Since 2018, its transparency and determination has served many clients. Its pivotal services are mobile app development, ecommerce, digital marketing and web design & development. Do you want to enhance your business online with innovative technologies and provide first-class service to your customers? You will obtain satisfactory results from the ITBS team. Here you will get service from specialized and experienced team who works on every project with dedication to achieve more success. Unique services within budget, on time with best quality are the fundamentals of Career IT and Business Solutions.

Services offered by ITBS

UI/UX Development

Graphics Design

In this cut-throat competition era, ITBS team will provide a unique experience to your customers; their graphic designing services are available for all kind of businesses.

User Interface Design

Creating easy to operate software is the top preference of ITBS Company. Your clients will experience user friendly service without any complications.

Cloud Management

AWS Application Development

Software are developed on the most trusted platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the priority of most of the customers because of lower costs, flexibility and most secure cloud computing environment.

Azure Application Development

Azure developers’ team assists you in designing, building and running cloud computing applications, they provide you strategy and techniques for development of your enterprise.

Application Development

Web Application Development

Development of Web application is not a simple task therefore service from experts is imperative. They use latest technologies like React Native, Java Script and AJAX to develop websites.

Mobile Application Development

ITBS develops mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Considering more customers to your bucket list, both platforms are designed in a specific way.

E-Commerce Website Development

Career IT & Business Solutions don't simply design e-commerce designs for you; they create solutions. Their services can effectively communicate your product concepts to your customers.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Existence of software on the internet is not sufficient; it must be noticed by search engines. SEO expert team of ITBS helps in attracting more traffic to your website and to bring it on the top on Search Engine Results Page.

Pay Per Click

ITBS team has the expertise and techniques to attract and convert irregular visitors into paying customers. They help you obtain immediate visibility, attract targeted traffic and maximize your Profitability.

Social Media Marketing

Linking of your software with a social media platform will definitely boost traffic to your software.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing professionals team would like to assist you in expanding your online business by organizing and maintaining cost-effective affiliate marketing packages.

Software Development Process

Involvement of client during each step of processing is the priority of ITBS. They thoroughly understand the project nature, necessities and outcomes for users. You will be able to stay in touch with the developers through latest technologies, your satisfaction is imperative at each milestone.

Step 1: Knowing Requirements

In-depth knowledge of customer’s requirements is very important for the success of any project. Career IT professionals comprehend the client’s needs and provide an outline plan to them.

Step 2: Designing

Skeleton of the software is prepared and customer approves this wireframe of the project.

Step 3: Coding

Programming is the next step; developers also perform unit or module testing, during coding. This is to ensure that the program is working and meeting the client's requirements.

Step 4: Quality Testing

ITBS never compromises with quality, in this step they evaluates final look and operating of the product. Team eliminates any major or minor bugs and errors.

Step 5: Deployment

Now, the final project is developed in order to present to public. Company gives administrative access to client and gives training how to use the software.

Step 6: Support and Maintenance

ITBS Company never stops supporting the software even after its complete development. They ensure the support and maintenance of new requirements and specifications.

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